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It all started in the Fall of 2006, when my oldest daughter needed someone to perform her wedding.  So in stepped Mom. Our daughter and son-in-law, chose a very theatrical Celtic handfasting, not what one would choose as their first wedding to perform. Everything went just fine and I was hooked.

In gifting ceremonies for family and friends, I have learned how to ask questions which will help me tailor the ceremony. I have fun working with young and young at heart couples embarking on the journey that is marriage.

Another skill I have acquired is knowing what to say to nervous brides and grooms. The right word can turn panic into a giggle, which is much better than fainting. I am beginning to lose track of just how many weddings I have performed. Each and every ceremony holds a special place in my heart and I view them all as learning experiences.

I am Rev. Theresa Sutton, a non-denominational interfaith minister with almost a decade of experience performing weddings.  My ceremonies are lovingly crafted for each couple.  I would love to help make your special day , a day to fondly remember!  I have endeavored to fill my pages with helpful information to help to the make legal part of getting married as easy as possible.  So please check out the rest of the site for links and answers to common questions.  Also feel free to contact me about questions not answered by the FAQ or links pages.