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What is a wedding officiant?  A wedding officiant is someone who performs  wedding ceremonies. Wedding officiants are also known as marriage celebrants and wedding ministers.

We want you to marry us. What should we do next?  Contact me to arrange a consultation. I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have and help you to create or select a ceremony that is right for you.

What is the process of obtaining a marriage license in Sacramento county?  In order to make a marriage legal, you will have to obtain a license from the county clerk or recorders office. The both parties must appear at the county recorders office prior to the ceremony to fill out an Application for Marriage License.  Please contact your county for further information. (Links & resources)

What qualifications do you have?    I am an ordained non-denominational interfaith minister, licensed to officiate a wedding ceremony anywhere in the state of California.  I have been helping couples celebrate their special day for over a decade.  This is a true labor of love!

Who will marry us?  I will be performing the ceremony, but in case of emergencies I have backup.

How many marriages do you officiate in a day?  I usually only officiate one marriage on any given day. This allows me ample time for transportation and arrive to the wedding site 30 minutes before the ceremony. On rare occasion, I may do two if  they are close in distance and are separated  by a large time span.

What do you wear during the ceremony?  I will wear a suit, a dress, or a robe possibly even a costume.  Tell me what is important to you and I will ensure that my appearance meets your requirements

What kind of wedding ceremonies do you offer?  I perform traditional, non-traditional, religious, non-denominational, spiritual, interfaith and civil ceremonies., pretty much anything you might want…………….

How long is the ceremony?   The length of your ceremony depends on many variables; however, most ceremonies last between 15-30 minutes.  Rituals can add to the variety, but it is suggested that a ceremony by no longer than 30 minutes for the comfort of all involved.

What is your fee?   Call or email me with the particulars of your wedding and I will respond within 24 hours.   Nothing is cut in stone with me, so call and we can talk.

Where do you perform ceremonies?   I am willing to travel almost anywhere within  75 miles of my home. I can officiate your wedding wherever you are planning to have it. For public areas requiring permits, it is the responsibility of the couple to obtain the permits and reserve the time block.  For private property, please obtain permission  for use in writing.